What is a Collector?

Large agricultural operations, industrial, commercial, and institutional organizations are large generators with tanks or numerous drums of oil or antifreeze, drums of filters, and bags of containers. Large generators can contact any of the over 30 SARRC registered collectors, which are private-sector businesses registered to pick up used oil materials at source and transport them to over 40 government-approved processors/end users.

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Attention: SARRC Collectors

August, September and October 2022 collections are eligible for a temporary input cost supplement in the amount equal to an additional 10% of return incentives. Please claim August, September and October collections separately from any collections made in other months to receive the supplement. Click here for claim information for this period.

Return Incentives

A Return Incentive (RI) provides registered collectors with an economic incentive to maximize the collection of used oil and antifreeze materials throughout Saskatchewan. The province is divided into seven (7) regions. Through the RI Freight Equalized payment, collectors are compensated based on volumes delivered and the region in which the used oil and antifreeze material was picked up.

Becoming a Registered Collector

See the Collector and Processor manual for application forms and conditions of registration, payment and operating requirements. Collector & Processor Manual

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