Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corp.
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SARRC’s mandate is to keep potentially hazardous used oil and antifreeze materials out of Saskatchewan’s landfills and environment through recycling and reuse.

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With 37 EcoCentres and nearly 150 public drop-off points, Saskatchewan has one of the best used oil and antifreeze materials recycling networks in Canada.

CLICK here for SARRC’s current annual report for more details.
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In 2018, 18.3 million litres of used oil, 1.9 million used oil filters, half a million kilograms of plastic containers and 258,000 litres of used antifreeze were recovered and recycled.

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Informing Saskatchewan residents of the importance and ease of recycling used oil and antifreeze materials requires continuing communications.

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Contact Us

Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corp. (SARRC)

Ethan Richardson, Executive Director
#5 – 307 Gray Avenue
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 4R7

Administration office only – not for drop-off. Please use the black search box at the top of the page to find your nearest recycling centre or collector.

Tel: (306) 652-7217
Fax: (306) 652-1705
Info Number: 1-877-645-7275*
*Toll free in Saskatchewan for nearest Saskatchewan Collection Facility/EcoCentre or Collector.


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