Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corp.
Recycling and reuse is the message. Keeping potentially hazardous used oil and antifreeze materials out of landfills and environment is SARRC’s mandate.

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SARRC EcoCentre Exterior
With nearly 200 public drop-off points, including 37 purpose-built EcoCentres, Saskatchewan has one of the best used oil & antifreeze materials recycling networks in Canada.

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SARRC EcoCentre Interior
In 2019, 18.1 million litres of used oil, 1.8 million used oil filters, nearly half a million kilograms of plastic containers and 328,000 litres of used antifreeze were recovered and recycled.

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SARRC Mascots
Mascots Auntie Freeze & Mr. Oil Drop spend each summer attending events in Saskatchewan promoting the importance and ease of recycling used oil and antifreeze materials.

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What is a Processor?

All the used oil and antifreeze materials collected in Saskatchewan’s industry-led stewardship program are recycled and reused.

Over 40 government-approved processors receive the four waste streams picked up by registered collectors.

  • Used oil is re-refined to lubricant quality. It is also used as industrial heating oil or reprocessed into other petroleum products.
  • Used antifreeze is reprocessed into new antifreeze.
  • Filters are processed at steel recycling mills and turned into other metal products such as construction rebar, angle iron and pipe.
  • Plastic containers are recycled into new containers, plastic durable goods such as flower pots, pipe, guardrail posts, fencing and patio furniture.

Click here for the current list of processors and the used oil materials they accept and recycle. Some processors are also registered collectors.

Processors helping Saskatchewan Make Every Drop Count!